Feeling Trapped 

I feel like a tea kettle. Ready to start screaming a high pitch noise because the emotions inside me are reaching the point of boiling. 


It’s Wet Outside 

First there was thunder 

Then a curtain of rain 

Feet racing inside 

Warming under blankets 


Pitter, patter 










Washing the streets 

Fillings plants’ cups 

Soaking into fabric 

Friction becomes slippery 

Drip, splash 

Drop, splash 









Some souls grumble 

They see no fun 

Jackets and boots slip on 

Rain rain go away 

Morning Coffee

My thoughts are like the steam 

Floating atop the mug 

The taste of mixing cream and beans 

Letting the morning develope snug 

You walk in the room innocently 

Night’s sleep wearing off slow 

Steam and thoughts have fanned out 

You lean across me on your elbow 

I take a sip of the warm coffee 

A sudden smile occurred 

Earning one in return 

Willing the day to go unstirred 

The best part of waking up 

Is getting another day with you 

We don’t even need to speak 

To hear what we already knew 


I can feel it 

Sinking its teeth into my flesh 

Grabbing hold for dear life 

Expanding a void with more emptiness 

Dripping venomous lies into my veins 

Slashing claws against my heart 

What is It you ask 

Small World

A girl flashes by

I can hardly catch a glimpse

Bright blonde hair

Maybe a purple scarf?


A young boy trips

Shoelaces unravel suddenly

His mother helps him up

Tightens knots to hold his feet in


“No, I said I’d be there at 6”

Frustrated voices intermix through a phone

I avoid too much staring in his direction

“I’ll be on my way” after a groan


Some girls laugh loudly

Taking pictures and sharing compliments

One sips at her icy drink

Thumbs tap quickly across the thin screen


A boy fixated on his computer

Typing like the due date is now

He takes a big gulp of a large to-go cup

Combs his fingers through his unkept hair


Wonder where they’re from..

Why was he so rude to a stranger?

She could use more than a shot of espresso

How did we all decide to start our day so differently,

And yet, meet at common ground


I have found a we, 

loving each other dearly 

it’s as clear as day, 

two persons’ bond 

has been super-glued,

together from west and east 

it’s amazing how life unfolds, 

a layer for pain-a layer for love 

fairytales do have their truths, 

one kiss from you 

sends magic across my heart, 

in a universe beyond knowledge 

you and I found our answer, 

setting sail across the world

romance steering us windward. 

You Have Made Feelings Awaken From Deep Inside My Heart

My skin lights up under the touch of your hands

It’s like getting kissed by a thousand fireflies.

Our bodies pressed together desperate for each other

Cold wind is blowing but all my senses are trained on you.

It’s hard to think properly with your lips on my neck;

My bones have liquified into a puddle of ecstasy

Caught between the door frame of love and lust

Remaining honest with myself, you’re troublesome

Fervent passion flares along my spine-top to bottom

Thawing frostbitten paths where your fingers lead.

You paint intimate patterns down the side of my face,

Sparks fly in bright white hues throughout the room

A ballad of desire chorused through my veins;

Naturally hitting the harmony-our hearts together.