I have found a we, 

loving each other dearly 

it’s as clear as day, 

two persons’ bond 

has been super-glued,

together from west and east 

it’s amazing how life unfolds, 

a layer for pain-a layer for love 

fairytales do have their truths, 

one kiss from you 

sends magic across my heart, 

in a universe beyond knowledge 

you and I found our answer, 

setting sail across the world

romance steering us windward. 

You Have Made Feelings Awaken From Deep Inside My Heart

My skin lights up under the touch of your hands

It’s like getting kissed by a thousand fireflies.

Our bodies pressed together desperate for each other

Cold wind is blowing but all my senses are trained on you.

It’s hard to think properly with your lips on my neck;

My bones have liquified into a puddle of ecstasy

Caught between the door frame of love and lust

Remaining honest with myself, you’re troublesome

Fervent passion flares along my spine-top to bottom

Thawing frostbitten paths where your fingers lead.

You paint intimate patterns down the side of my face,

Sparks fly in bright white hues throughout the room

A ballad of desire chorused through my veins;

Naturally hitting the harmony-our hearts together.




I’ve screwed the lid on too tight this time 

bottling secrets 

they marinate in liquid lies 

deception seeps in 

my limbs aren’t strong enough to uncap the jar 

turning bitter inside 

left on a pantry shelf for days 

crossed out with red lines 

weeks go by without asking permission 

an expiration date was never issued 

more days gone 

someone eventually spotted that old jar 

cranked the lid firmly 

a pungent aroma filled the air 

secrets dashing at the release 

I promised, to you, to leave the jar empty 

only allowing dust take residency 

you become my journal and my jar 

keeping every word I tell you 

locked away 

safe and sound 



End Of Winter

it’s a new day 

the lake is thawing

dead leaves cover the ground

sunshine is poking through

it’s a new day 

a chilly breeze blows across

numbing the veins in my cheeks

mud mixes with slushy flakes

it’s a new day 

we pack the car to go

find adventure outside town

ready to build new memories

it’s a new day 


It’s a complex aspect of our lives; We bend around the circle every day 

Some days feel like they will never end 

Until I look back and see I’ve lived two decades 

It’s been an uphill climb and a downhill fall

As days slip by

Moments turn into memories 

Memories grow on branches in summer 

Some stay until winter 

Others die at the end of the season 

We cater to Time at our every whim; Hoping by flattering it, it will respect our wishes 

In Everything 

It’s when he laughs and the corners of his eyes crinkle up 

It’s the safety I feel as he pulls me against him for a hug 

Looking up at the sky then looking down and seeing his gaze on me 

Waking up to a “good morning” and drifting off to a “goodnight” 

Hearing of childhood memories and the dreams he plans to reach 

It’s in everything he does and says; he’s the love I’ll keep on falling in