sad mornings

Sitting here, thinking of you

Dusting off old memories

Steam wafts through the air from a fresh brew

Burning my inpatient tongue


Some mornings I feel fine

Others, hope and fear are at war

My breath is mixed with coffee and wine

I’m beginning to drown the pain


Your words still haunt me

Even when I bat them out of the park

My heart wants to be free

Why is your love locked away?









head to heart

we entered in the room

soaked through our clothes

cold, early spring rain

fresh clothes on, wet ones into the dryer

as they tumbled in the heat

he fixed the fireplace

and even though my lips were pale blue,

my body shivering

I felt warm –


because of the fire and dry clothes


because of his love

he holds me close

hands rubbing feeling back into my skin

covering my shoulders with a thick blanket

I was warm

from head to heart


love is a tricky business

it wraps around your heart and makes you believe

sometimes in good things, sometimes in bad

love has its own agenda

shifting with every person it attaches to


Black Hole

You set up a twisted game.

How will I know the rules,

when you keep changing them?

I’ve been sucked into a black hole.

No way out. 


I bang against the glass door.

You look straight through the door,

but also straight through me.

No way out. 

I need help. 

My throat feels raw from screaming your name.

You left and will never return.

How do I know this?

It’s the game we play,

over and over.

No way out. 

Trapped in this madness. 



He loved her more than she’ll ever begin to understand

She’s got grace in her heart that makes mountains fall for her

Her smile brightens his day far more than the sun or a million Christmas lights

Hearing her talk about her day fills him with more gratitude than if he won the lottery

She adds to his life better than puzzle pieces to each other

He loves when she think she’s alone and starts hearing her soft voice sing melodies to the air

He’ll never be able to tell her how much he loves her because how can you begin to explain love

Love runs deeper than just saying those three words

Love is a noun and a verb, how do you begin to express the feeling in your heart and also the feeling in your lungs

He loves her more than she’ll ever know

She loves him too, in different ways but the love they share beats any forth of July firework display

Autumnal Equinox

Fresh Autumn air wades in,

plaid blankets, scarves and flannels come out,

knitted sweaters bundle our bodies.

Time becomes more precious,

leaves turn golden before burning out,

the crisp crackle of fire fills the night life

and hands get warm with hot mugs of cocoa.


Sweet and spicy scents mingle in the air,

pumpkin and apple desserts on kitchen tables,

outside has cooled down while inside becomes warm.