B. I. T. C. H. 

What I have become. 

Speaking my thoughts, 

Having my feelings heard, 

I’ve become cold-hearted. 

Staying quiet wasn’t helping, 

Neither is voicing what’s inside. 

The truth is better than a lie, 

If the other ears want the honesty. 

Miscommunication and silence, 

Those solve no issues,

Leaving the air heavy won’t make it easy. 

Peaceful words turn into war 

And I’m on the loosing side. 

Biting my tongue, 

Or having a say in the matter, 

I’ve turned into the little “b” 

And have tossed you out like trash. 

Flip the spoon over, 

You get a different perspective. 

Walk a mile in his shoes, they say, 

Wear your heart on your sleeve, 

Don’t be surprised when it’s hijacked. 

People don’t always want you to succeed. 

As a result, I’m the beast. 


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