Small World

A girl flashes by

I can hardly catch a glimpse

Bright blonde hair

Maybe a purple scarf?


A young boy trips

Shoelaces unravel suddenly

His mother helps him up

Tightens knots to hold his feet in


“No, I said I’d be there at 6”

Frustrated voices intermix through a phone

I avoid too much staring in his direction

“I’ll be on my way” after a groan


Some girls laugh loudly

Taking pictures and sharing compliments

One sips at her icy drink

Thumbs tap quickly across the thin screen


A boy fixated on his computer

Typing like the due date is now

He takes a big gulp of a large to-go cup

Combs his fingers through his unkept hair


Wonder where they’re from..

Why was he so rude to a stranger?

She could use more than a shot of espresso

How did we all decide to start our day so differently,

And yet, meet at common ground


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