Black Hole

You set up a twisted game.

How will I know the rules,

when you keep changing them?

I’ve been sucked into a black hole.

No way out. 


I bang against the glass door.

You look straight through the door,

but also straight through me.

No way out. 

I need help. 

My throat feels raw from screaming your name.

You left and will never return.

How do I know this?

It’s the game we play,

over and over.

No way out. 

Trapped in this madness. 




He loved her more than she’ll ever begin to understand

She’s got grace in her heart that makes mountains fall for her

Her smile brightens his day far more than the sun or a million Christmas lights

Hearing her talk about her day fills him with more gratitude than if he won the lottery

She adds to his life better than puzzle pieces to each other

He loves when she think she’s alone and starts hearing her soft voice sing melodies to the air

He’ll never be able to tell her how much he loves her because how can you begin to explain love

Love runs deeper than just saying those three words

Love is a noun and a verb, how do you begin to express the feeling in your heart and also the feeling in your lungs

He loves her more than she’ll ever know

She loves him too, in different ways but the love they share beats any forth of July firework display

Autumnal Equinox

Fresh Autumn air wades in,

plaid blankets, scarves and flannels come out,

knitted sweaters bundle our bodies.

Time becomes more precious,

leaves turn golden before burning out,

the crisp crackle of fire fills the night life

and hands get warm with hot mugs of cocoa.


Sweet and spicy scents mingle in the air,

pumpkin and apple desserts on kitchen tables,

outside has cooled down while inside becomes warm.





Let’s Take On This World 

It could be only the two of us 

Stuck on a mountain peak 

Or lost in the woods 

No matter where life takes us 

As long as I’ve got you to hold onto 

I have no fear of where the road leads 

You have a grip on me 

Full confidence that you’ll keep me safe 

When you step forward 

I step forward 

You and me 

Let’s take on this world 

Out At Night 

There’s nothing quite like driving into the middle of nowhere 

Looking up at night’s sky and seeing billions of stars 

Nothing but stars 

Even the rough painting of the milky way  

My body was frozen in time as my eyes were glued to looking up 

Didn’t matter we were alone in the dark 

Didn’t matter our cell service was weak 

Some instances in life can’t be told in second person 

It was you and me and a billion stars 

And my heart was satisfied to the top 

To: You Would Know If You Cared To Read This

It’s been a carousel of lost dreams

Around and around we spun

I was hoping maybe today would be different

Putting a quarter in the machine

Letting the world spin by as time felt limitless

Peppy music taking over my ears

Thoughts of reality faded as the horse rode

Up and down and around

Feeling young and like the world can’t hurt me

My eyes closed, the vision is crystal clear

Until it came to a crashing halt

Music cuts off

Horses frozen in place

The ground stilled

Real life resumed

And the fun moment…over

For another quarter, you could go again

Cheap joy

It never lasts forever

Though, I’ll never stop dreaming of the day

When the carnival ride comes to life

Or for you to apologize